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Cheapest & Best Driving Lessons in Coventry

Here at Sky Blue Driving School we can now offer automatic car driving lessons too!

Learning to drive in a manual car is not for everyone, so for some people automatic driving lessons are a better option. Maybe you have had a driving lesson in a manual car and found it too difficult. Or maybe you have a disability that means you struggle with changing gears. If that is the case then taking an automatic test may be a better choice.

As there is no clutch pedal, an automatic car may be easier to drive especially on more congested city roads, and if you are having difficulties with the gears in a manual car, you may find that taking automatic driving lessons is an easier, faster and more enjoyable route to getting your driving license. Other people just prefer automatic transmissions for city driving as busy traffic means more frequent gear changes for manual drivers.

Before you decide whether to book driving lessons in an automatic or manual car, it’s important to know that an automatic licence does not allow you to drive a manual car once you have passed your test. That means that going for an automatic now may limit your choice when buying or renting a car in the future.

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